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Tinoliodes dehanna Pagenstecher comb. n.  
Arctia dehanna
Pagenstecher, 1885, Jb. nassau Ver. Naturk. 38: 14.
Niasana dehanna Pagenstecher; Roepke, 1937 (see below); Holloway, 1976: 4.

Tinoliodes dehanna   

The forewings are medium brownish grey with distinctive costal and dorsal patches medially in pink and yellow. The hindwings are similar with a complete medial band and a basal pinkish zone. The body and extreme base of the forewings are also deep pink.

Taxonomic notes. Roepke (1937, Ent. Z. Frankfurt a. M. 51: 195) described the genus Niasana and three subspecies of dehanna: javana, borneana and ruberrima (Simalur). The species is somewhat variable and the validity of these subspecies is questionable.

Geographical range. Sundaland.

Habitat preference. T. dehanna is infrequent in rain forest habitats from the lowlands to 1500m, perhaps favouring lowland forest.

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