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Tinoliodes Wileman

Type species: benguetana Wileman (Luzon).

Synonym: Niasana Roepke (type species dehanna Pagenstecher) syn. n.

This genus contains two species, one Sundanian, described below, and the type species from Luzon. It brings two genus group names together. The species share the following features: extreme (for Arctiinae) distal branching of veins Rs and M1 in the hindwing; a slight subapical concavity in the hindwing costal margin; a forewing pattern of pale patches on greyish brown, (a basal one and postmedial pairs, fused in dehanna, at the costa and dorsum, the exterior element of each pair being darker than the interior one); in the male genitalia the uncus is flanked by a pair of slender socii; the valves are sinuous, with a central portion more membranous than the rest.

Females of benguetana are not available for study. In dehanna the ovipositor lobes are densely setose; there is a pair of balloon-like glands dorsally between the ovipositor lobes and the eighth segment; there is a small appendix to the ductus bursae; the ductus seminalis arises from the centre of the bursa which is almost completely invested with a dense coating of small, dark spicules.

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