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Amata vicarians pagon ssp. n

Amata vicarians pagon (holotype)

14mm. This race is intermediate between the other two in the shade of the dark coloration and disposition of transparent areas. These last are slightly yellowish. The abdomen has basal and two-thirds distal yellow rings. The transparent area posterior to vein CuA2 in the forewing is unbroken though slightly angled centrally. The male genitalia have the basal processes of the valve scobinate and shaped as in A. mjobergi.

Holotype . BRUNEI: 1670m Bukit Pagon, montane forest, Feb. 1982 (Allen & Harman), BM arctiid slide 4272.

Paratype. 1 BRUNEI: 5520ft. Bukit Pagon LP308, upper montane forest 15-20.ii. 1982, collected in Malaise trap (G.S. Robinson) BM 1982-156, BM arctiid slide 4273.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All three races have been taken mainly in upper montane forest between 1300m and 2100m.

Biology. The typical race from G. Mulu was mostly taken at light at several localities along the western ridge of the mountain. The race from G. Api was day-flying, taken most frequently at 1300m. The female from Bukit Pagon was taken in a Malaise trap; mode of capture is not indicated for the male.

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