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Trichaetoides borealis Rothschild comb. & stat. n.
Trichaeta albifrontia borealis Rothschild, 1912, Novit. zool., 19: 123.

Trichaetoides borealis

The species has three major transparent patches on the forewing. It can be distinguished from similar variants of chloroleuca Walker by the deeper, squarer basal spot (posterior to CuA2). The male genitalia are characterised by long, narrow, tapering valves. In the female the ostium is intruded anteriorly into sternite 7.

Taxonomic notes. This taxon was described as a subspecies of a nomen nudum, presumably a misspelling of albifrontalis Pagenstecher. The latter was described from Nias and is unlike borealis in facies. The two females dissected vary in the length of the sclerotised ductus bursae and the lobing of the posterior margin of the lamella postvaginalis.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The material in the original description is from Limbang and the Sungei Tutoh in N. Sarawak. Material to hand is from dry heath forest at Telisai, Brunei and wet heath forest (kerangas) on a river terrace associated with the S. Melinau (Mulu survey), a tributory of the Tutoh (two females in each case). The species is therefore likely to be restricted to heath and swamp forest habitats and may be localised on river basins in N. Sarawak and Brunei. It comes to light at night.

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