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Decetia Walker

Type species: capetusaria Walker = numicusaria Walker, Indian Subregion. Synonym: Aoratosema Warren (type species subflavata Warren).

The facies is typically somewhat drepanid-like as in most members of the subfamily. The antennae are unipectinate in both sexes.

The male genitalia are very variable in form but usually robust, with a strong saccus and the valves apically divided, usually with a single spine at the apex. The juxta and anellar ring are fused, with lateral setose lobes centrally and dorsally, though these are variable in development.

In the female there is similar variability, particularly in modification to the sterigma and lamellae vaginales. The ductus varies from long, slender to short and round, and the bursa is ovate or convolute with a signum consisting of a pair of adjacent patches or bands of sclerotisation, with spines directed away from their common axis. This signum can be short, ovate (the pallidaria Pagenstecher group and subflavata Warren) or long, narrow, cruciform in the typical group (illustrated for dichromataria Walker in Fig 177).

Bell (MS) reared D. subobscurata in S. India. The larva is fusiform, fattest centrally, tapering to each end, though the anal end is somewhat tumid. The segments are well-defined. The head is relatively small, squarely round. The larva is light green with white longitudinal bands subdorsally and laterally, with blackish speckling between the lateral bands and the white-ringed spiracles, this speckling intense from A1 to A7. T1 has black subdorsal crescents, concave anteriorly, and the head has two transverse black bands.

The pupa is claviform, the cremaster with four pairs of hooked shaftlets, the central pair stouter and longer than the rest. These attach the pupa to a loose silken cocoon. The larva also lives between leaves drawn together loosely with silk.

The host-plant was Olax wightiana (Olacaceae).

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