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Callidrepana saucia sundobscura ssp. n.  
Callidrepana saucia Felder, 1861, Sber. akad. Wiss. Wien., 43: 31.
  Ausaris scintillata Walker, 1862, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus.,26: 1632, syn. n.

Callidrepana saucia (paratype of sundobscura)

12-14mm. Sundanian material is a darker greyish brown than typical material from the Australasian tropics, but the male genitalia are very similar. The sinuous socii and bifid valves place the species in a largely allopatric group that ranges from India and China (patrana Moore and allies: see Watson (1968)) to the Solomons (C. argentifera Druce). The taxa scintillata and argentifera have been placed as synonyms of C. argenteola Moore (e.g. by Warren, 1922, Gross-Schmett. Erde, 10: 470) because of a misconception of the identity of argenteola. The pale anterior half of the hindwing is larger and more conspicuous than in other Bornean species, and the general coloration and nature of the dark brown fasciation is also distinctive.

Holotype BRUNEI: 100m, Lower Temburong, lowland forest, 19.5.79 (Lt. Col. M. G. Allen) BM drepanid slide 2050.

Paratypes.1 as holotype but 20 May 1979; l SABAH: Poring, 1800ft., E. of Mt. Kinabalu, 20-23.1.1976, primary forest (E. W. Classey).

Geographical range. Moluccas, Sulawesi, New Guinea, Bismarcks; Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia (ssp. sundobscura).

Habitat preference. The species is rare in lowland forest.

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