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Zusidava Walker

Type species: tortricaria Walker.

Synonym: Emodesa Moore (type species sinuosa Moore, N.E. Himalaya, Burma).

This genus also consists of small white species fasciated with grey. The male antennae are unipectinate, those of the female filiform. The forewing radial venation is reduced, the areole rather broad. The double postmedial on the forewing and its centrally more intense greyish suffusion is diagnostic. The hindwing area is almost as great as that of the forewing.

The male genitalia have the valves simple, narrow, rather elongate. The saccus is broad. The socii and uncus differ markedly between the two species in the genus. The eighth tergite is somewhat triangular, almost twice as long as the sternite. Both are distally bifid, the notch between the processes rounded.

The two species are rare, their biology unknown. In addition to the type species and its Himalayan sister-species Zusidava tortricaria Walker, Inoue (1988) added Z. serratilinea Teldenia Moore.

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