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Crucidava Gen. n.

Type species: annulifera sp. n.

The species is small, white, marked with grey as in species in the previous two genera, but with distinctive discal rings of grey on each wing. The forewing venation has M1 well separate from the radial system instead of associated with it, and the areole is curved, tapering into the apex of the wing, apparently open-ended. The hindwing margins are slightly produced centrally. The male antennae are bipectinate as in Pseudomodesa fuscidisca Warren.

The male abdomen has a number of distinctive features: the eighth sternite is very narrow, cruciform, the distal processes needle-like; the tergite has long apodemes set close together but broadened out considerably into a triangular distal portion; the genital capsule is square, lacking uncus and socii but with a narrow saccus; the valves are distally digitate, outcurved, with an interior setose lobe basally; the scaphium is broad and sclerotised basally with a slight distal lobe; the aedeagus vesica is small but scobinate. These features distinguish the genus from Ditrigona, Zusidava and Pseudomodesa.

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