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Hyalospectra Warren

Type species: grisea Warren, New Guinea.

This genus is defined primarily on facies. The forewings are weakly bifalcate. The hindwing margins are angled centrally. The colour is grey or brown with fawn or white, common features being translucent medial bands on all wings and a patch within the darker marginal band slightly posterior to the central angle. The translucence is clearer between M3 and CuA2. The forewing discocellular vein between M1 and M2 is angled basad, the areole arising from anterior to it, and the anterior cubital veins are strongly curved. R1 arises independently from the areole, as does M1. The male antennae are bipectinate, the pectinations slender, not flattened.

In the male abdomen of the type species the eighth segment is moderately modified. In the genitalia the capsule is broad, the processes from the tegumen fourfold, broad lobes. The valves are reduced, shallow, setose. The saccus is narrow, digitate. The genitalia of the four Sundanian species and an undescribed one from Luzon (slide 2153) share no marked features with those of grisea, though all have processes from the interior of the valve bases and may therefore represent the sister-group to the New Guinea species (grisea and diaphana Warren).

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are divided into two, with the ventral portions on each side meeting centrally and becoming somewhat fused. In H. pustularia Walker, H. altipustularia sp. n., but not the type species, the ostium and lamellae vaginales are densely pilose or rugose, forming a pouch (that in the pustularia dissected contained a detached bundle of fine hairs, possibly derived from the male, as similar bundles were noted on each side of a pouch between the saccus and the eighth sternite in a male dissected). The ductus of these two Bornean species is very long, and the bursa has a signum consisting of a longitudinal sclerotisation with a central ridge.

As indicated above, the genus is disjunct between Sundaland (with the Philippines) and New Guinea.

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