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Warreniplema Gen. n.

Type species: fumicosta Warren.

Species in this genus have traditionally been referred to Gathynia Walker (type species miraria Walker, Sri Lanka) or Phazaca, but have several features that distinguish them from those genera.

The forewings have an unusually strongly looped pattern of antemedial and postmedial fasciae, the hindwing having both fasciae conspicuous and angled. The forewing has M1 and R5 arising separately from the cell rather than being stalked. The hindwing costal zone is shallowly excavate in a manner typical of the subfamily; the margin has a moderate tail at Rs and a weaker one at M3. Vein M2 is present, and there is no reduction of anterior cubital veins in the male. The male antennae are densely uniserrate, lamellate, and the male hindwing has a slender hair pencil in the anal area arising from a small subbasal plate. The venation in that area is somewhat modified as in Phazaca, and, even in the female, CuA2 arises from a relatively basal position.

The male abdomen has the eighth segment somewhat ballooned around the genital capsule. The genitalia are short, the uncus long, slender, curved, apically acute. The valves are triangular, narrowly acute at the apex, and with two diagnostic tufts of paddle-like scales externally on each, arising subcostally and in the saccular region subbasally. The vinculum is narrow, indented. In Gathynia the uncus is vestigial, the valves rather reniform, with a slightly corematous hair pencil at the base of the sacculus, and a full covering of fine setae over the interior of the valve directed dorsally; the valve costa terminates in a spine.

In the female the bursa is slender, pyriform, with a constricted, darkly scobinate area at the base that merges into a short, sclerotised but unspined ductus. There is no signum. In Gathynia the bursa is much more complex, elongate, with an unusual bilobed sclerotisation centrally.

 As well as the type species, the genus includes W. divaricata Warren comb. n. (Sulawesi), W. ferrugata Walker comb. n. (Sri Lanka) and an undescribed species from N.E. India (Khasis; slide 472).

The type species has been reared from the family Rubiaceae (See Warreniplema fumicosta Warren comb.n.). The adult resting posture is as in Phazaca and Monobolodes.

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