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"Epiplema" clathrata Warren 
Epiplema clathrata Warren, 1896, Novit. zool., 3: 347.

"Epiplema" clathrata

This is a small brown species with facies similar to Pterotosoma and Oroplema, but characterised by a broad blackish lining, broken along the veins, basal to the paler postmedial on each wing, and more weakly distal to the antemedial. The distal margin of the forewing has a slight protrusion at CuA1. There is a longitudinal dark brown streak on the hindwing running from the base to just short of the angle in the postmedial.

Taxonomic notes. M2 in the hindwing is lacking. The male genitalia are somewhat similar to those of the genera mentioned in the diagnosis, but the uncus is broader basally, there is a weak gnathus, and the valves have a looped fold submarginally. At the base of each valve there is a complex pocket with a strong hair-pencil. The juxta is a large rhomboidal plate. The aedeagus vesica has a single slender cornutus.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia (FRIM colln), Java, Bali.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimen was taken in a Gmelina arborea plantation near Brumas in the lowlands of Sabah by Dr Chey Vun Khen.

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