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Leucoplema Janse

Type species: dohertyi Warren.

General characteristics are as in the previous genus, with diagnostic features in the male genitalia: there are two hair pencils at the base of the valves, more elaborate than in Pseudodirades, and the aedeagus is supported by a complexity of anellar spines that may not be homologous with the juxta lobes of the other genus. The base of the valve costa also contributes to this anellar complexity. The saccular margin is not sclerotised or spined.

The female genitalia of the type species have a small, narrow, flimsy ductus and bursa, the latter without a signum. The ostium has a complex, bifid, tonguelike process that presumably engages the anellar structures of the male.

Another Indo-Australian species referable to the genus is L. lituralis Warren comb. n. (N.E. Himalaya).

The type species has been reared from Coffea (Rubiaceae) (Pinhey, 1975).

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