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Pterotosoma Warren

Type species: bilineata Warren, New Guinea.

This and the next genus have complete medial bands as in the previous two, but have a greyish ground colour to the wings. They also lack vein M2 in the hindwing. The male antennae are weakly uniserrate in the type species but more simply lamellate in the Bornean representative. The hindwing has the zone between M1 and the costa rather expanded in the type species, though this does not occur in the Bornean species.

The male genitalia have simple valves, a slender, apically acute uncus and a long, rather narrow tegumen that is only strongly looped or expanded over a short distance ventrally. It is this last feature that serves to unite the Bornean representative with the type species. The latter has a pair of coremata laterally between the fourth and fifth abdominal segments.

No females of the type species have been located, but the genitalia of castanea Warren have the ductus and bursa small, narrow, though the ostium is broadened, scobinate.

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