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Oroplema oyamana Matsumura stat. rev., comb. n. 
Epiplema oyamana Matsumura, 1931, 6000 Insects Japan-Empire, p. 942.
Epiplema dealbata Warren, sensu Holloway, 1976: 683.
Epiplema simplex Warren, sensu Inoue, 1983, Moths of Japan, 2: 311.

Oroplema oyamana

See the generic description, and comments on Oroplema parvipallida sp. n.

Taxonomic notes. O. simplex Warren comb. n. (Nilgiri Hills, S. India) is a more uniform species with more regularly defined fasciation. The forewing antemedial is less strongly but more evenly curved, such that the medial band is narrow. Only female specimens are known, but the genitalic features are consistent with placement in Oroplema. The type species, dealbata Warren, has similar facies to oyamana, but the male genitalia have the uncus more robust, strongly flexed at the base, and the valves are much narrower.

Geographical range. Taiwan, Japan, N.E. Himalaya, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo. Philippines (Luzon).

Habitat preference. All records are from the upper montane zone on G. Kinabalu.

Biology. The larva, reared in Taiwan (Chen, 1997), is more slender than those in other genera, cylindrical, dull black except for the glossy chalazae bearing primary setae, and translucent pale orange and grey patches ventral to the spiracles on the abdominal segments and dorsally on A8.

The host-plant recorded by Chen was a species of Daphniphyllum (Daphniphyllaceae).

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