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Horithyatira Matsumura

Type species: decorata Moore.

This genus is best characterised by the forewing facies where the peach-blossom pattern of Thyatira is supplemented by a pair of white or cream and white patches in the discal cell and more extensive and complex marking along the dorsal and distal margins.

The male genitalia are very similar to those of Thyatira except the valve praesacculus is usually absent, and the juxta 'Happen' (Werny, 1966), a pair of semicircular flaps flanking the juxta, are enlarged. The female genitalia are typically thyatirine.

The Japanese representative of the genus, H. kawamurae Matsumura, has a larva much as in Thyatira that feeds on Quercus (Fagaceae).

The genus consists of a complex of Oriental species, allopatric except in Java where an endemic occurs with a more widespread taxon. There is an outlying species, delattini Werny, in New Guinea.

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