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Horithyatira decorata Moore  
Thyatira decorata Moore, 1881, Proc. zool. soc. Lond., 1881: 328.
Thyatira decorata birmanica Bryk, 1944, Ent. Tidskr., 65: 224.
Gaurena ornata Roepke, 1944, Natuurh. Maandbl., 33: 48, syn. n.
Horithyatira decorata thodungensis Werny, 1966:140.
Horithyatira assamensis diehli and hoenei Werny, 1966: 141, 146, 149, syns. n.
Horithyatira decorata Moore; Holloway, 1976: 54.

Horithyatira decorata

See T. batis.

Taxonomic notes. Werny (1966) described a number of new taxa in Horithyatira, all very similar in facies and genitalia. These are regarded as races of H. decorata here as all are allopatric except in Java and possibly the N.E. Himalaya. H. assamensis Werny is illustrated as having a praesacculus on the valve of the male genitalia, but the preparation of the holotype genitalia (BM thyatirine slide 152) does not have a praesacculus. The only distinct taxon appears to be H. javanica Werny stat. n. (Java), described as a subspecies of the Sumatran diehli, but differing more from diehli in facies (white forewing markings) and female genitalia (long v. short signum) than does the sympatric ornata Roepke. H. takamukui Matsumura (Taiwan) and H. kawamurae Matsumura are also closely related.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya and Nepal (ssp. thodungensis) to S. China (ssp. hoenei); Sundaland (sspp. diehli, ornata).

Habitat preference. The species has been recorded from 1500m to 2600m on G. Kinabalu, never in any great numbers. One specimen was taken at 1790m on G. Mulu, one from 1670m on Bukit Pagon and two from 1465m on Bukit Retak.

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