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Tethea oberthueri Houlbert
Saronaga oberthüri Houlbert, 1921, Oberthür Etudes Lep. comp., 19: 194.
Tethea oberthüri monticola Bryk, 1941, Ark. Zool. 349(11): 3.
Tethea oberthüri sspp. baluensis, chekiangensis, fukienensis, occidentalis Werny, 1966:
Tethea oberthueri Houlbert; Holloway, 1976: 54.
Tethea oberthueri Houlbert; Kobes, 1985: 10.

Tethea oberthueri

The facies is distinctive, the forewing elongate, dull grey brown with slightly darker fasciation and the costa whitened over its whole length, the white diffusing away posteriorly. The facies of the next species is similar but the forewing is broader, costa and antemedial more strongly curved, and the hindwing lacks the pale band of oberthueri.

Geographical range. Taiwan, S. & W. China, N.E. Himalaya; Borneo (ssp. baluensis); Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The species is mostly found in upper montane forest between 1600m and 2000m (G. Mulu, Bukit Retak, G. Kinabalu), though one specimen was taken at 1000m on G. Mulu.

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