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Ozola apparata Prout 
Ozola apparata Prout, 1928, Bull. Hill Mus., Witley, 2: 46.
Ozola pantomima Prout, 1932, J. Fed. Malay States Mus., 17: 43.
Ozola apparata multiplex Prout, 1935, Novit. zool, 39: 221.
Ozola apparata pantomima Prout; Holloway, 1976: 59.

Ozola apparata

Ozola apparata

This species and O. submontana Holloway differ from the other three black and white taxa in having the marginal markings of the hindwing more regular, globular, less striate, the strongest one being at the centre of the distal margin rather than at the apical or dorsal angles. The forewing antemedial in apparata is arcuate, an oblique series of grey discs in submontana. The postmedial is more entire in Bornean apparata than in submontana.

Geographical range. Sumatra; Java (ssp. multiplex); Borneo (ssp. pantomima).

Habitat preference. This is a rare montane species, so far only known from G. Kinabalu where it ranges from 1200m to 1930m.

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