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Noreia Walker

Type species: perdensata Walker (= ajaia Walker).

Synonym: Panulia Warren (type species achloraria Warren).

The genus consists of dark grey or brownish grey species. The apex forewing is acute. In most species (N. achloraria is an exception) the forewing postmedial runs obliquely and more or less straight from two thirds along the dorsum towards the apex (though it is angled subapically on the underside of the wing after following a more basal course). The hindwing postmedial is more curved, though not as strongly as the margin. The postmedials shade away slightly darker basad, and distally the ground colour is finely paler. The forewing has a fine, transverse discal bar and a similarly fine antemedial.

Males of N. achloraria and allies are characterised by a tuft of scales on the hindwing dorsum at one third, and two further dense brushes of long scales arising from vein CuA1 at its junction with the cell and more distally. These interior brushes of scales lie flat on the wing, directed towards the dorsum. The dorsal tuft is weakly present even in N. unilineata Walker where it is pale yellow grey rather  than dark grey.

Characters of the male abdomen and female genitalia are diagnostic. The male abdomen has the lateral structures on the eighth segment mentioned in the introduction to the tribe, and a scaled ridge along the centre of the seventh sternite. The third sternite has a small central lobe distally that bears a cluster of scales on each side, and is often slightly bilobed. In the genitalia the uncus is basally very broad, setose, generally acute: the gnathus is distally broad, rugose. The valves are somewhat rectangular.

The female has the ductus long, narrow, often sclerotised. The bursa is small, spherical, the interior entirely weakly spined, or mostly so.

The genus is most diverse in the Oriental tropics, particularly Borneo, and extends east to New Guinea. The only host record located, for the type species, is in the family Sapotaceae.

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