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Derambila propages Prout
Derambila propages Prout, 1926, Sarawak Mus. J. 3:170.

Derambila propages

This and the next two species are rather similar in size and fades. They are easily distinguished on genitalic features (see illustrations). D. dentiscripta has one of the central elements of the otherwise sinuous forewing postmedial displaced out of line distad. In D. lumenaria there are prominent black dots along the wing margins, whereas in D. propages the marginal line is fine, indistinct, entire.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype is from Mt Dulit in Sarawak. Chey (1994) recorded a second specimen in a Pinus caribaea plantation in the lowlands of Sabah at Brumas.

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