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Lophophelma Prout Gen. rev.

Type species: vigens Butler.

This genus resembles Pachyodes in the course of the forewing postmedial, concave distal over the posterior two-thirds. The upperside generally is more uniformly suffused with brown or black striae and patches. The underside is of the more typical banded type.

The male abdomen has a pair of setal patches on the third sternite. The uncus and gnathus are as in Pingasa and Pachyodes. The coremata are small. The valves are entire, though sometimes excavate at the distal margin or apically produced. The coremata are small. The aedeagus is distally coarsely scobinate as in Pachyodes.

In the female the bursa is usually large, immaculate, set in a moderate, narrow ductus.

The comparison with Pachyodes does not fully exclude the possibility that Lophophelma is paraphyletic relative to it, as it differs mainly in plesiomorphic states of characters.

The genus is entirely Oriental, with several montane species amongst the Bornean representatives.

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