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Dooabia Warren

Type species: viridata Moore, Bengal.

Synonym: Cacamoda Swinhoe (type species viridata).

Species of Dooabia are like rather delicate, more lightly marked Paramaxates. The male antennae are similarly smoothly filiform.

There are a number of differences on the male abdomen. The eighth segment is much less heavily modified except in D. puncticostata Prout where it resembles the condition of Paramaxates. Coremata are absent from the bases of the valves except in the new species where they are delicate with dark setae. The saccus is strong, entire, not double looped. The socii are tapering, acute, rather than digitate, and the gnathus is distally broader, not usually acute. The aedeagus vesica is immaculate or at most with a single cornutus. Two of the Bornean species have striking processes from the valve costa, as does the type species.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are of the modified geometrine type, and there is a bicornute signum in the bursa. The lamellae vaginales are often strongly modified e.g. a U-shaped sclerotisation of the lamella antevaginalis in the type species.

The genus is thus rather heterogeneous and may not represent a natural grouping. It is restricted to the Oriental tropics.

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