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Paramaxates spinivesica sp. n.

Paramaxates spinivesica

22mm. This species is, in its male genitalia, related to the second Himalayan species referred to in the taxonomic notes for yazakii (slide 17352). The upperside is a brighter, paler green than in yazakii, with the darker clouding less than in the Himalayan species, particularly the postmedial band on the hindwing and posterior part of the forewing which is narrower, more broken. There is extensive
green on the distal anterior half of the forewing underside as in the Himalayan species. In the male abdomen the processes of the eighth tergite are larger, more bulbous, but the valve is similar to that of the Himalayan species. The aedeagus vesica however, is much larger, bulbous, with more numerous (about 40) slender cornuti spread over a larger area.

Holotype  NORD BORNEO: Mont Kina Balu, 5.8.1903, (John Waterstradt) BM geometrid slide 8485.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The material has no altitude or habitat data.

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