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Euxena Warren

Type species: crypsichroma Warren = albiguttata Warren.

The wing margins in this monobasic genus are strikingly scalloped, angled centrally, the hindwing angled with two small tails. The genus Episothalma Swinhoe (Episothalma Swinhoe) is similar in appearance, with a dull, deep emerald green facies with prominent black discal spots above, and irregularly darker postmedials and submarginals. Facies differences between the two genera are given in the species description below.

The male antennae are filiform, with short cilia in Euxena but with long cilia in Episothalma. In the hindwing veins M3 and CuAl are stalked in both genera. The male abdomen has setal patches on sternite 3 in Euxena but not in Episothalma.

There are major differences in genitalic features. The male genitalia of Euxena have a slender digitate uncus set between broad, falcately triangular socii. The valves are ovate, complexely folded and distally lobed, with a sinuous, furca like structure basally. There are no coremata; the saccus is small, acute. The eighth sternite has a small, acute, central process in the distal margin.

In the female the ovipositor lobes are of the modified geometrine type. The lamella antevaginalis is broadly bilobed. The bursa is narrow basally, fluted, and spherical distally with a large, transverse, almost semicircular flange for the signum.

Episothalma has genitalia with features more typical of the Hemitheiti (Episothalma robustaria).

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