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Agathia spp.  

Agathia sp.10624

Agathia sp.17492

Agathia sp.17495

A number of specimens from Borneo may represent further species in this group.

A male from kerangas forest west of the Melinau Gorge (Mulu site 20, slide 10624) has more extensive brown on the hindwing, tending towards the condition of A. muluensis. The genitalia (Fig 207) have the costal process of the valve shorter and broader than in A. laqueifera. A possible female (slide 17492) from regenerating alluvial forest near Long Melinau (Mulu Site 17) is also illustrated (above). A similar female was taken at 300m in the hill dipterocarp forest of Ulu Temburong, Brunei.

A female specimen (above, slide 17495) has a distinctively shaped and marked brown submarginal zone to the forewing. It was taken at Samarinda, a lowland locality in S.E. Kalimantan.

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