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Orthorisma Prout

Type species netunaria Guenée.

Synonym: Orthocraspeda Prout (praeocc.; type species netunaria).

This is a monobasic genus. The male antennae are filiform. The ground colour of the wings is a pale olivaceous brown that is speckled and fasciated with black. The underside has black discal spots and broad submarginal bands as in other genera of the Pseudoterpniti.

The male abdomen lacks setal patches on the third sternite. The eighth segment is strongly modified as illustrated, an unusual feature in the subtribe. The uncus is broadly bilobed, the socii relatively weak. The gnathus is acutely bifid. The valves are simple. There is a small squarish saccus.

The female genitalia have typically geometrine ovipositor lobes. The bursa is small, elongate, immaculate. The ductus is narrow, the ostium set in a lacuna fringed by several small sclerotisations.

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