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Oenospila microstrix sp. n.

Oenospila microstrix

12mm. This species resembles the Himalayan O. strix Butler in facies but is much smaller. The hindwing postmedial broadens out into a triangular patch at the dorsum as in strix and relatives (Olerospila Gen.n). It is distinguished by the male genitalia where the valve is narrower than in strix, the costal margin straighter with a small central process. The saccular process is broad, short as in strix.

Holotype SUMATRA: Lebong Tandai, 1920-1923 (C.J. Brooks) B.M. 1936- 681, BM geometrid slide 17417.

Paratypes: 2 from Lebong Tandai as holotype, but with different label wording.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. This is a rare species of lowland forest.

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