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Orothalassodes Gen. n.

Type species: hypocrites Prout

This genus is established for those species of Thalassodes with rather a more bluish green tone to the wings and either rather punctate fasciae with an enlarged white spot of the forewing postmedial at the dorsum (typical group) or only very faint fasciae and a white discal spot on the hindwing (O. floccosa Prout comb. n. group). In some species there are marginal red, and sometimes white markings: these tend to be of uniform intensity over both wings rather than stronger towards the hindwing angle as in Thalassodes.

Definitive features are located in the male abdomen. There are no setal patches on the third stemite. The eighth segment is expanded laterally, and both sternite and tergite are modified, the former broad, the distal margin produced into lobes on each side, usually cleft (floccosa group) or with further processes centrally (typical group). The tergite is narrow, longer than the sternite, its distal margin bifid or Y-shaped. In the genitalia the socii are narrow as in Thalassodes. The vinculum is only weakly cruciform and there are no coremata. The valves are unornamented with an oblique fold often in the position of the structure of Thalassodes, though there is sometimes a pair of sclerotised, spinous zones associated with the juxta, and a small flap near the transtillae as in some Thalassodes.

The female genitalia of the type species have typically modified ovipositor lobes and a bicornute signum. The ductus is long, tapering slightly basad, and has a central lateral lobe. The ostium is narrow surrounded by minor buckling of the lamellae vaginalis.

The species are usually montane. As well as the five Bornean species discussed below, the genus also includes the following species: O. aptifimbria Prout comb. n. (N.E. Himalaya); O. leucospilota Moore comb. n. (Sri Lanka); O. vivida Prout stat. & comb. n. (Seram); .O. absimilis Warren comb. n. (S. Moluccas, New Guinea, Bismarcks); O. simplex Warren comb. n. (S. Moluccas, Sulawesi). Three of these species, leucospilota, vivida and absimilis, are closely related, having similar male genitalia and a bidigitate process in the centre of the distal margin of the eighth sternite.

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