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Pamphlebia Warren

Type species: rubrolimbraria Guenée

Synonym: Parachlorissa Inoue (type species acutangula Inoue
= rubrolimbraria).

This genus is related to Hemithea but the male antennae are narrowly bipectinate to two thirds rather than ciliate. The single species is very small with acutely angled hindwings and forewing apex. The wing margins are lined with red, the cilia beyond them white. Unlike Hemithea and the next genus, the male third sternite lacks setal patches.

The male and female genitalia have the features mentioned for the Hemithea Duponchel group but are distinguished by, in the male, two processes arising from the basal half of the valve costa, the more distal, larger slender, digitate, and the more basal being rather thorn-like, and, in the female, a very broad and densely setose ostial pocket.

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