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Herochroma Swinhoe

Type species: baba Swinhoe, N.E. Himalaya, also Peninsular Malaysia.

Synonyms: Archaeobalbis Prout (type species viridaria Moore, India) syn. n.; Neobalbis Prout (type species elaearia Hampson, Sikkim) syn. n.

The synonymy above expands on that established by Inoue (1992: 156). The species have ciliate male antennae and wings that are densely speckled with green on a straw-coloured ground. There are diffuse dark grey marks of irregular intensity (weak between M3 and CuA1, strong on either side) in many species in the spaces just distal to the crenulate green postmedial. In the typical group, but not flavibasalis Warren comb. n. and allies, the discal spots are small black dots. The discal marks are also black on the underside (that of the hindwing lacking in the flavibasalis group) but the submarginal bands can be black or dull red. The dorsal angle of the hindwing is somewhat produced in males of Herochroma and most typical Archaeobalbis, more rounded in the flavibasalis group.

The male abdomen has a pair of setal patches on the third sternite. The genitalia have a number of definitive characteristics: strong, rather club-like, laterally directed socii, with the uncus typically vestigial, but weak, bilobed in the type species of Herochroma and Neobalbis and single, digitate in the type species of Archaeobalbis; well developed transtillae (not in the flavibasalis group); large, complex, partially divided valves. In the flavibasalis group the socii are somewhat bifid, the juxta has a quadrate distal process and the valves are narrow, tapering to the apex, with basal and costal digitate processes: the eighth sternite is distally sclerotised, sometime produced.

The females of viridaria and elaearia have the lamellae vaginales
developed into a broad pocket.

The bursa is pyriform with a bicornute signum, the ductus robust and sclerotised.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics and subtropics, with six species in Borneo.

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