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Anoplosceles Warren

Type species: nigripunctata Warren.

The facies is pale leaf green rather than blue-green or sea-green as in Chlorissa or other Hemitheiti. The fasciation is dark, fine, less diffuse than in Chlorissa, Hemithea or Maxates. The discal spots are unusually punctate, black.

The male antennae are serrate.

The male seventh sternite is membraneous, perhaps forming a shallow ventral corema. The process on the eighth sternite may indicate a relationship to Chlorissa. The valve has a costal process, a long, rather basal, slender spine, with subsidiary spining. The saccus is broad, deep, squarish. 

The female genitalia have an elongate bursa, without a signum, set on a short ductus that opens into a broad, rather thickened pouch, with a broad, shallow, rectangular flap across its mouth on the lamella postvaginalis. The ovipositor lobes are of the modified type.

The genus contains a single Sundanian species.

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