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Berta annulifera Warren  
Berta annulifera Warren, 1861, Novit. zool., 3:107.

Berta annulifera

One of the smaller species in the genus, annulifera is darker green with the white fasciae fine, entire, extremely irregular in their course. The discal spots consist of small white rings. The male eighth sternite is bidigitate, rugose. The valve of the genitalia is only weakly modified, and there is a conspicuously digitate saccus.

Geographical range. India, Sundaland, New Guinea, Bismarcks.

Habitat preference. The species is infrequent in lowland forest and has also been taken at 1000m in lower montane forest.

Biology. Bell (MS) described the larva as excessively long and thin, with a deeply bifid head. It is brown, mottled, with several paler longitudinal lines.

The larva rests on the edge of a leaf in a looped posture. The pupa sticks out rigidly from the leaf edge also.

The host-plant was given as 'goting', but it has not been possible to locate its botanical name.

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