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Berta copiosa Prout 
Berta copiosa Prout, 1917, Novit. zool., 24: 303.
Berta chrysolineata zygophyxia Prout, 1912, Genera Insectorum 124: 234, partim (see below)

Berta copiosa

The relatively large white patches medially and postmedially distinguish this species from other Berta. See the diagnosis and taxonomic note for B. zygophyxia Prout.

Taxonomic notes. This species is closely related to B. hemisponsa Prout stat. n. from the Bismarcks and Solomons, the latter possibly merely a subspecies of copiosa rather than of B. zygophyxia Prout as originally described. It has a similar deep cleft on the eighth sternite, longer but similar spines on the juxta, a sinuous valve, though lacking the central angle, and a rather quadrate, rather than curved and serrate, process distal to the groove on the valve.

Geographical range. N.E. Himalaya; Borneo, Sumatra, Bali.

Habitat preference. Four specimens have been taken in recent surveys from: coastal forest at Seria in Brunei; forest on limestone at 250m on the lower slopes of G. Api; at 1620m on G. Kinabalu (noted partim as B. chrysolineata by Holloway (1976)); in a Pinus caribaea plantation near Brunei in the lowlands of Sabah by Dr Chey Vun Khen.

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