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Pseudocomostola Gen. n.

Type species: cosmetocraspeda Prout.

This genus contains a single species that was originally placed in the Comostola/Pyrrhorachis complex just described, but has characters that indicate it is distinct.

The male antennae are bipectinate, of the adpressed, untidy type: in the female they are filiform. The facies features include white marginal triangles edged with red, and an irregular row of white spots dorsally on the abdomen, also surrounded by red, and faint, punctate, white fasciae, the post- and antemedials of the forewing edged red on their medial side at the dorsum.

In the male abdomen there are no setae on the third sternite, and the eighth segment is unmodified. In the genitalia the uncus and socii are typical of the Hemitheiti. The sacculus is apically produced with a distinctive lobe on the ventral margin of the valve just distal to it.

The female has ovipositor lobes of the modified type. The bursa is constricted into basal and distal spherical sections.

The structure of the valve sacculus and ventral process indicates a relationship to the tropical Australasian genus Oxychora Warren and the African genus Prasinocyma Warren (Albinospila Gen.n). All these differ from Maxates in their more uniform bluish emerald-green colour, rounded rather than tailed fasciation and white patches in the marginal spaces when present. Some Oxychora also have
dorsal white patches to the abdomen. The cross-vein between M2 and M3 in the forewing is angled centrally as in Oxychora but not as strongly. In Maxates and typical Prasinocyma there is a slight flexure towards the anterior part of this. However, the antennae of both sexes in Oxychora are bipectinate, the pectinations more regular, rarely adpressed. The type species of Oxychora has the bursa undivided, spherical, sparsely scobinate throughout. The even, triangular, marginal white markings in Pseudocomostola are also diagnostic, together with the red marking surrounding them and the ones on the abdomen.

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