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Albinospila Gen. n.

Type species: floresaria Walker.

Species in this genus have traditionally been referred to Prasinocyma Warren (type species vermicularia Guenée, S.W. Africa) but this generic concept must probably be restricted to the rather uniform, sea-green African species that resemble the type species. These are mostly characterised in the male genitalia by a valve with a strongly sclerotised and variably ornamented saccular part and a distal portion, the ventral margin of which bears a lobe similar to that seen in Maxates Moore and Pseudocomostola Gen.n.

Numerous Australasian species attributed to Prasinocyma are misplaced and require review: available genus-group names are Endemia Warren (type species tenera Warren), Pauresthes Warren (type species caniola Warren), Poecilostigma Warren (type species vagabunda Warren) and Pyrrhaspis Warren (type species coerulea Warren). All four type species are from New Guinea. Several species were transferred to Orothalassodes Gen.n, and more may prove better placed in genera of the Thalassodes complex.

The group of small species discussed here does not fall readily into any of these categories. They are an apple green colour, with broken white fasciation, a white forewing costa, and dark reddish discal spots and marginal lining in the spaces between the veins. Apart from the white fasciae, there is some general resemblance to Oenospila Swinhoe species. The male antennae are bipectinate to two thirds, the pectinations moderate, neat, tapering away distally.

The male genitalia have a valve costal ornamentation reminiscent of that in Idiochlora, though the setal patch on the third abdominal sternite is more as in Berta Walker, sparse and central. The socii are short and rather rounded. There is a small, digitate harpe on the sacculus. The type species lacks coremata but they are present in others.

The female has ovipositor lobes of the modified type, and the signum is bicornute. The ductus and bursa are only moderate in size, and the sterigma is unmodified.

Apart from the type species the genus is restricted to the Australasian tropics, including also: A. laticostata Warren comb. n. (New Guinea); A. syntyche Prout comb. n. (New Guinea); A. oxycentra Meyrick comb. n. (Queensland); A. rhodostigma Warren comb. n. (Bismarcks, Solomons) A. ornatifimbria Warren comb. n. (Solomons).

Bigger (1988) described and illustrated the larva of A. rhodostigma. It is slender, stick-like, with a biconical head as in other Hemitheiti. It is green with red lateral and dorsal lines, the former replaced by bands of white dots in the final instar.

The host-plants are species of Terminalia (Combretaceae).

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