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Species A  

Species A

Two specimens, a male (slide 10752) from wet heath forest near the Melinau Gorge, Mulu National Park, and a female (slide 10753) from dry heath forest at Telisai, Brunei, represent a species of appearance similar to some Chlorissa or Hemistola Warren. However, the valves of the male genitalia are an unusual paddle-shape, unlike the genitalia of either of those two genera. The socii are vestigial, and the saccus large and squarish. The distal margin of the eighth sternite is sclerotised, with a bifid process centrally. The antennae of both sexes are regularly bipectinate, the pectinations tapering away distad.

The wings are a clear emerald green, the margins lined red as in many Hemitheiti. There is only faint fasciation and discal marking.

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