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Amata cinctelisa sp. n. 

Amata cinctelisa

16-18mm. This species differs from the previous three in having complete yellow rings to the abdominal segments between those ringed in elisa; it thus resembles typical Javan wallacei. The male genitalia have the aedeagus vesica only weakly ornamented as in elisa. The valves are symmetrical, tapering, only weakly setose, though the basal costal processes are asymmetric as in wallacei and elisoides, the right one flexed centrally at a right-angle. The uncus is quadrate, slightly excavate apically.

Holotype Mt. Marapok, Dent Province, Brit N. BORNEO, BM arctiid slide 4172.

Paratype Mt. Matang, W. SARAWAK, Dec. 1913 (G.E. Bryant).

Geographical range. Borneo, Natuna Is.

Habitat preference. The two Bornean specimens are from G. Marapok in Sabah and G. Matang in Sarawak. No altitude is given in either case.

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