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Spectroreta Warren

Type species: hyalodisca Hampson.

The single species in this genus has a wing shape, coloration and pattern similar to that of the next, but is distinguished by large hyaline areas on the forewing and sometimes small ones on the hindwing. The antennae are bipectinate in both sexes, and the tongue is absent.

In the male abdomen the eighth sternite is much narrower than in Oreta, with strong anterior apodemes. The genitalia have the uncus acute, arcuate, flanked by a pair of setose lobes. The gnathus is strong. The valves are short, with a prominent interiorly directed spine.

The corpus bursae of the female has two medially invaginate signa.

Watson (1978) drew attention to features held in common with two Madagascan genera, Archidrepana Warren and Oretopsis Watson.

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