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Ozola impedita Walker 
Acidalia impedita Walker, 1861, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 23: 766.

Ozola impedita

This species may be distinguished from the preceding ones by the more expanded central part of the forewing margin and the apparently double forewing postmedial that is briefly fused subdorsally, the two elements appearing to cross over each other. The hindwing fasciae are also sinuous.

Taxonomic notes. The male genitalia indicate that impedita is distinct from the Himalayan O. biangulifera Moore, and from other Asian taxa with similar facies such as O. sinuicosta Prout (Himalaya) and O. japonica Prout (Japan).

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Only five specimens have been taken in recent surveys, two from 600m at Poring near G. Kinabalu, one from a similar altitude in G. Trus Madi, one from 150m in hill dipterocarp forest on G. Mulu and one (in USNM) from 1500m 25km north of Tambunan, Sabah. There is a further, older specimen from Bidi in the lowlands of Sarawak.

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