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Ozola minor Moore 
Zarmigethusa minor Moore, 1888, Descr. new Indian lep. Insects Colln Atkinson, p. 263.
Ozola leptogonia Hampson, 1902, J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 14: 54, syn. n.

Ozola minor

Ozola minor Moore (Desmobathrini)

See Ozola basisparsata Walker and Ozola turlini Herbulot. The male genitalia are distinguished by a small, semicircular flap in the centre of the valve. In the female the two bands of spines in the bursa bear spines of different lengths.

Taxonomic notes. The holotype of minor (Humboldt Museum, Berlin) consists of wings only. It matches in facies a male from the Naga Hills (slide 5561) in the Natural History Museum, London.

Geographical range. Sri Lanka, India, Andamans, Sumatra, Borneo, Philippines, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. During the Mulu survey three specimens were taken on the G. Mulu transect, two at around 150m and one at 1000m. But the species was found to be common in plantations of Gmelina arborea (Verbenaceae) in the lowlands of Sabah (Chey, 1994).

Biology. The species has been reared in Sabah (Chey, 1994) from a larva (above) matching the description in the generic introduction attributed to O. leptogonia. The host-plant was Gmelina arborea (Verbenaceae). It has also been recorded from Premna in the Andamans (unpublished IIE records).

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