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Derambila manca Swinhoe comb. n.
Holostixa manca Swinhoe, 1902, Trans. ent. Soc. Lond., 1902: 644.

Derambila manca

Derambila manca

Both wings have strong black discal spots. The fasciae are broad bands of pale brown rather than being punctate: the submarginals are closely associated with the immaculate margin. The male has a diagnostic excavation of the hindwing costa at the position of the postmedials (Fig. 2). The male forewing margin is slightly angled centrally.

Geographical range. Borneo: Sarawak, Limbang and Baram river systems.

Habitat preference. This is a very localised and ecologically restricted species, but common where it occurs, often seen flying by day and easily disturbed. It frequents the understorey vegetation of alluvial forest along the banks of lowland river systems. It was not recorded in light-traps at night.

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