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Protuliocnemis Gen.n

Type species: partita Walker.

This genus is described for the concept of Uliocnemis auctorum, as the generic type species of Uliocnemis is cassidara Guenée (Fletcher, 1979), a Comibaena species (Comibaena Hübner). Association of Uliocnemis with the species below appears to have been due to a confusion of the identity of cassidara with that of P. castalaria Oberthur comb. n. (Prout, 1933, Gross-Schmett. Erde 12: 88).

The facies includes strong white fasciation, reticulation and shading in conjunction with the tornal forewing and apical hindwing brown patches. The hindwing discal spot is lacking: it is present in all other Bornean Comibaeniti genera.

The male genitalia have the uncus reduced to a short obtuse or square process, flanked by strong socii. These are flexed outwardly and basally flanged in the type species. The gnathus is very strong, unlike in other Comibaeniti. The valves are single, tongue-like, without costal ornamentation. There are no setal patches on the third abdominal sternite.

The female has ovipositor lobes rather rounded, only weakly tending towards the modified form. The signum is bicornute (P. biplagiata Moore) or a transverse flange of sclerotisation (type species).

The biology of the three Bornean species is described below. The genus consists of two widely distributed Indo-Australian species groups.

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