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Hemithea insularia Guenée 
Thalera insularia Guenée, 1857, Hist. nat. Insectes, Spec. gen. Lep., 9: 469.
Hemithea insularia duplicata Prout, 1917, Novit. zool., 24: 297.

Hemithea insularia

Hemithea insularia Guenée

The fascies bears close resemblance to that of members of the tritonaria group but the forewing postmedial is flexed basad centrally to meet the costa at more of a right-angle. The male genitalia are distinctive, with slender, flexed socii as in the next two species and an upturned valve apex, but the process dorsal to the central declivity is much more rounded. The saccular process is elongate in typical insularia (Borneo) and ssp. duplicata (Fergusson I.) but shorter, with more curvature, in material from Taiwan (slide 9902) and Sulawesi (slide 11475). Two species may be involved.

Geographical range. Widespread in Indo-Australian tropics.

Habitat preference. The three recently collected specimens have all been from lowland localities, two from mixed dipterocarp forest and one from secondary forest.

Biology. The species has been reared from Desmos (Annonaceae) and Glochidion (Euphorbiaceae) in Hong Kong (Dr M.J. Bascombe and K. Li, pers. comm.). The larva is illustrated as above.

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