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Pullichroma Gen. n.

Type species: pullicosta Prout.

The only species in this monobasic genus was originally placed in Actenochroma Warren, and somewhat resembles that genus in facies although the wings are paler green and the forewing costa strongly delineated with dark grey. The male antennae are similarly ciliate, and there are no distinctive features on the underside.

Characters of the male abdomen indicate this genus is distinct from Actenochroma. There are no setae on the third sternite (present in Actenochroma). The uncus is lost, the socii lying adjacent, diverging slightly distally. The gnathus is weak, strap-like. The valves are spindle-shaped with a central scobinate flange just in from the ventral margin. The saccus is shallow, bilobed. The aedeagus is diagnostically supported by a calcar-like process.

In the female the ovipositor lobes are typically geometrine. The ostium is surrounded by concentric wrinkles on the lamellae vaginalis. The ductus is broad, scobinate, the bursa long, immaculate, reflexed at one fifth.

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