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Heteralex Warren

Type species: aspersa Warren (Peninsular Malaysia: Padang Rengas).

Synonyms: Canonistis Meyrick and Monotaxia Warren (type species of both, rectilineata Guenée).

The genus consists of three species of delicate build with white ground colour, delicately irrorated and obliquely fasciated in greyish pink. The forewing apex is acute, and there is a dark discal spot. The antennae of both sexes are unipectinate, those of the male more strongly so in H. unilinea Swinhoe from. China, but in the male only in the other two species. The unipectinate character is seen also in the ennomine tribe Plutodini (Holloway, 1993[4]).

In the male abdomen the type species has a central triangular patch of setae set two thirds posteriorly on sternite 3, but this is absent in rectilineata. The setation of the valve is reminiscent of that seen in some Baptini. The uncus is slender, long, apically expanded and bifid, the socii moderate. The gnathus is slender, longitudinally spined dorsally at the apex, a feature that is more pronounced in H. rectilineata Guenée. The aedeagus vesica of both species bears a patch of deciduous spicules.

In the female, the pyriform bursa contains a typically ennomine signum that is opposed, diagnostically for the genus, by an elliptical to elongate patch of densely packed, short spines.

The monotypic genus Loxorhombia Warren (type species idea Swinhoe) from Burma is also related. Nothing is known of the biology.

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