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Foveabathra Gen. n.

Type species: venusta Warren.

The facies is ashy grey, each wing with a diagnostically dentate and curved postmedial and submarginal fasciae. There is a similar antemedial on the forewing. Both wings have transverse discal bars. The underside is
similar. In the male the forewing has a fovea similar in appearance and position to that of boarmiine Ennominae (see Holloway, 1993[4], a unique feature in the Desmobathrinae).

The male abdomen has the distal part of the third sternite with a trio of what appear to be small invaginations, two lateral, one distal. In the genitalia the uncus is trifid, the valves rather narrow, spindle-shaped. The juxta is elongate, tongue-like. The aedeagus is slender, without cornuti. The female has a very short, narrow ductus and a very long bursa, again slender, broadening very gently from the base to apex.

The genus contains a single species, previously misplaced in Noreia.

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