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Conolophia Warren

Type species: conscitaria Walker, Zaire.

Synonyms: Geoglada Swinhoe (type species helicola Swinhoe, India); Hypophracta Warren (type species persimilis Warren, Kenya).

Members of this genus are large, delicate, with a bone-coloured ground colour, variably irrorated with dull brown striae. The forewing postmedial is oblique, very dark brown, narrowing and sometimes becoming more broken anteriorly. The relatively large, disc-like spot just distal to this fascia in a subdorsal position is a generic feature. The hindwing postmedial is weaker than that of the forewing.

In the male abdomen the distal part of the third sternite bears a series of three or more rather complex paired processes. In the genitalia the uncus is slender, strap-like. The valves have a central angle or lobe to the costal margin, interior and slightly basal to this being a rather elongate setose swelling. The aedeagus vesica has one or two narrow bands of sclerotisation. In the female the ductus is short, the bursa elongate with a central ring or coronet of large triangular spines.

The genus has several African species, one in India and the species described below.

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