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Alex Walker

Type species nigrozonata Walker (= palparia Walker).

Synonyms: Gamoruna Moore (type species palparia Walker); Organolima Walker (type species continuaria Walker, Seram).

Moths in this genus are relatively large, with ochreous, pale brown ground colour densely irrorated with darker brown. The forewing has an oblique, straight, dark brown postmedial running from the centre of the dorsum to the apex; on the hindwing this is more transverse at one third from the base, contiguous with that on the forewing. There are faint and submarginal dots on the hindwing.

The male abdomen has the distal margin of the third sternite broadly excavate between two short, hair-like projections. The genitalia are relatively small, characterised by a quadrate uncus clad in ridged, fan-like scales and a rather rugose decoration of the anellus. In the female the ductus is very long, almost thread-like, the bursa pyriform with a prominent, sclerotised, digitate appendix at its junction with the ductus.

The genus contains a largely allopatric sequence of species from India to the Solomons.

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