::The Moths Of Borneo::

Volume 13

Borneon moths in the noctuid subfamilies Pantheinae, Bagisarinae, Acontiinae, Aediinae, Eustrotiinae, Bryophilinae, Araeopteroninae, Aventiinae and Eublemminae are described, though the first two have been partially covered in other parts of this series. The first six belong to the Noctuidae series stricto and the remainder fall within the quadrifine sequence of subfamilies. The Oriental Bagisarinae are reviewed in some detail, with some additions to the genera included. A new concept of the Aventiinae is developed to embrace the majority of the traditional Aventiinae/Eustrotiinae genera in Sundaland and also the Trisatelini. This concept could be broadened to include the Eublemminae and the grouping of genera allied to Saroba Walker, but not the Pangraptinae. Some genera tradionally associated with the Hypeninae, such as Prolophota Hampson, are also included.

The treatment covers 270 species distributed over 70 genera. For each species, a diagnosis and the geographical range are given and, where known, details of habitat preference and biology. Summary lists are provided of the new taxa described (4 genera and 88 species) as well as of numerous other taxanomic changes. A checklist of all species summaries the fauna.

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