::The Moths Of Borneo::


Volume 4

The Notodontidae are a family of medium to large moths related to, or included in, the superfamily Noctuoidea. The Bornean fauna as known at present includes 122 species. All these are illustrated in colour, as are the male genitalia of most of them. The geographical range and, where known, the habitat preference and biology of each species is given. In many instances much taxonomic work of revisional nature was needed: 22 new species and 3 new subspecies are described and numerous other nomenclatural changes are made in an attempt to introduce stability to the classification of South East Asian Notodontidae.

Introductory sections deal with family characteristics, both adult and larval, host-plant relationships and zoogeography. A check list is given and the taxonomic changes are listed.

Publication date: 1983
Ref: Malayan National Journal 1983

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